Elm Cottage Cattery is set in three and a half acres of Suffolk countryside.

We provide the best environment for your cat/s, which includes comfort, safety and a healthy atmosphere along with something we feel is just as important, entertainment, provided by the proprietors care and attention and the various chickens and ducks that roam around giving a great deal of interest and amusement for your cat. In the summer months we have guinea pigs and rabbits out on the grass which the cats like to watch.

The cats are housed in individual triple insulated houses, heated in cold weather, each has its own run with a gap between each so whilst the cats can see their neighbours, there is no direct contact.

For larger family’s of cats we have three larger sized chalets to accommodate ┬ácats from the same household in groups of up to three, four or six, however if a larger chalet is preferred for one or two cats, the larger chalets are available for your use.

In the largest chalets the cats not only have more space, they can also sit out on the garden bench or climb on the tree trunks or play in the playhouse, especially useful for the more active cats. All chalets have scratching logs and are provided with pine beds with soft bedding,however if you wish you are welcome to bring your own cats bed or bedding/blanket which is familiar to your cats and does help them settle.

Only the best quality food is provided and prepared in hygienic conditions, if you prefer you can  bring your own cat food or if your cat is on veterinary prescription diets then this must be supplied by you.

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